The Weekly Nerd – Thursday Edition – July 26th

Welcome to the Thursday Edition of The Weekly Nerd! How was your Christmas in July? (Yesterday was July 25th!) I hope you had fun!

Thursday’s Top Pick

The World’s Loneliest Man
Recently, in the Brazilian Amazon Jungle, the last known survivor of an uncontacted tribe was caught on video. While he has been monitored, he remains uncontacted, having been living alone since sometime in 1995 when the rest of his tribe was massacred. This really hits home in the area of reaching the lost, reaching unreached people groups, as this person is the ENTIRE unreached people group.

Standing on Weekdays Burns Calories Like Running 10 Marathons a Year
This article is from 2013, however, it, along with another read that I cannot find again, has inspired me to take one small step in my health: Standing more. I got a clearanced sit-stand desk riser from a local thrift shop and I am loving it. And if I can burn the calories equivalent to ten marathons a year by standing for a few more hours each day, I’m all for it!

Turkey Lets Andrew Brunson Leave Prison
While it’s still house arrest, he is out of the dangers of prison.
“A leader of the Turkish Protestant Church confirmed the news to World Watch Monitor. The same source confirmed that Brunson’s wife is on her way to the prison to meet her husband, and to ensure the prosecutor’s order to release him into house arrest is quickly delivered to the prison.”

The Reformed View of Predestination
I wish more people would read and understand such articles before ultimately painting those who hold to such doctrinal positions as heretics and non-Christians.
“Another significant difference between the activity of God with respect to the elect and the reprobate concerns God’s justice. The decree and fulfillment of election provide mercy for the elect while the efficacy of reprobation provides justice for the reprobate. God shows mercy sovereignly and unconditionally to some and gives justice to those passed over in election. That is to say, God grants the mercy of election to some and justice to others. No one is the victim of injustice.”

How an Emerging Church Pastor Inadvertently Changed My Life
I love this read!
“The Lord often works in mysterious ways. At least, he certainly has in my life, and this was exactly the case with my first real introduction to Charles Spurgeon. Of course I lived far too late to be introduced to him face-to-face, but I did come to know him through his sermons. Here’s how.”