The Weekly Nerd – Thursday Edition – July 5th

Welcome to the Thursday Edition of The Weekly Nerd! It’s been a while since I’ve put out a Thursday edition, so I though, what the heck! Let’s go for it!

This Week’s Review: The CSB Worldview Study Bible. A great resources for today’s Christian dealing with the craziness all around us!

Thursday’s Top Read:

Google’s Gmail, other services let third parties read user emails, report says
This is scary. I mean, I’ve used gmail for a long time, and I figured my emails were scanned for ads and stuff, but I work at a job where we used gmail based email for work, and Google allows the practice of letting random people read the emails? There is something fundamentally and ethically wrong with that. But, then again, we like to buy wire-taps for our homes to use to listen to music and ask to buy stuff for us.

The Utter Horror of the Smallest Sin
“Let me draw an analogy from parenting. As parents, we sometimes ask our kids to take on big tasks and we sometimes ask them to complete little chores. My experience of parenting tells me that kids are as likely to express rebellion in the small things as the big ones. I’d sort of understand if my child complained when I asked him to paint the entire house. Yet asking him to take out the trash, a minor task that will take no more than two minutes, is still likely to elicit rolling eyes, and grumbling words. There’s really no good reason to complain against something so minor, is there? He does it only to make the point that he doesn’t want to obey.”

Divine Sovereignty: The Fuel of Death-Defying Missions (VIDEO)
After watching Tim Challies profile this sermon HERE, I loaded it up and watched it. Now, I’ve watched it four times in the past week. The part that sticks out at me the most occurs right at the 55 minute mark, giving the best explanation of losing your life to find it. Watch this entire sermon, over and over, and be encouraged.

How To Make A Mature Disciple
Regarding mature disciples, being able to see and comprehend and understand the because’s and therefore’s of the Bible, John Piper hits this one out of the park. And you might laugh a little, too!

The 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith
Head over to their main page and you’ll find Doc and Devo’s first podcasts on the 1689. Then, head over to to check out the confession itself. This has been very edifying to me, and in the long run, I think will be edifying to my family, as well.

How to Talk to People Who Don’t Believe In Truth
This is a great read and listen, and very helpful given the current state of affairs of our society molding itself over the idea that truth, along with anything and everything else, is subjective.