The Weekly Nerd – Thursday Edition – May 31st

Welcome to the last Weekly Nerd of May 2018! I’m sure it’ll be grand!

My most recent book review: Pastors Are People Too

Thursday’s Top Pick

THX Just Shared the Original Sheet Music for its ‘Deep Note’ for the First Time
Ok, I might just be nerding out here a bit, but I grew up loving this sounds, especially when it’s played in theaters before a movie. I didn’t know such a sound could have originated with sheet music!

How I Love the Psalms
“In the midst of our trials, we are tempted to dwell on our circumstances and on ourselves. During this time, we can even ignore God or pull away from Him. But David and the other inspired psalm writers knew that it is exactly during these times that we need to focus on God the most. They wrote these Psalms as they drew close to God when they faced challenges, hardships, and wickedness.”

‘I Don’t Know How You Do It’: God’s Grace for Foster Parents
Having been a foster parent, a group home foster parent, and a foster care case manager, I can tell you with great certainty that it truly is by the Grace of God that we do what we do, working not only with at-risk youth, but also potentially their families.
“Fostering is hard. A child comes into our home, alters the norm of our everyday lives for a number of weeks or months, and then by government order leaves as quickly as he or she came. Many find it difficult that we regularly let children we’ve grown attached to go back home, usually never to see them again. People often say to us, “I just don’t know how you do it.” That bewildered statement implies that we have some special gift or ability that others don’t have, but the truth is, we don’t”

Is the Bible Pro-Slavery? 
There are many hot-topics in today’s day and age, one of them is slavery. Recently, my pastor and I had a discussion on slavery in the context of 1 Peter 2:18, as he was doing sermon prep. It was a fruitful discussion. I cam upon this article from Gavin Ortlund who does a masterful job addressing the subject.

Complimentary Malware
This is another reason why I prefer iPhones and iOS. There are some nice features on Android phones, and a lot of them are top-notch. However, when we come to the point where they are shipped FROM the factory with malware already in them…now that is a problem. Too much bloatware would always result in something like this.