The Weekly Nerd – Thursday Edition – May 3rd

Welcome to The Weekly Nerd – Thursday Edition!

My Thursday Favorite:

3 Dangerous Lies Ministry Leaders Believe
This is a convicting article that can even pierce the pride of a Christian whose only ministry leadership role is that of husband, wife, father, mother. “A building that implodes looks tall and mighty from the outside while explosives are being strategically placed within to bring it down at just the right time. In the same way, there are explosive lies that take ministry leaders down from the inside. On the outside things look normal and good, even vibrant and thriving, but the explosives are there. It’s quite possible to grow a ministry while your heart for God grows cold.”

This Stinks
I have never liked the air-blower hand dryers in bathrooms. Ever. They are loud. Noisey. And now, a study shows that they are gross.

The Dangerous Allure of Being a Cultural Warrior
“Many Christians—I assume with good intentions—take up the cultural warrior sword, a bit like Peter in Gethsemane. When their Christian principles are attacked they respond in kind, drawing their weapon and striking their opponent. I think Jesus just might shut down their reckless emotionalism like he did Peter: “Put your sword into its sheath” (John 18:11).”

The Problem with Falling In Love
“We like to speak of “falling in love” as if love is a state we suddenly find ourselves in. We speak of falling in love as if this love thing simply unfolds in us and through us without our assent, as if it all happens somewhere beyond the realm of reason. Love sweeps us away, takes us over, and holds us wondrously captive. ”

Should You Get Into a Self-Driving Car?
In short? No, or, not yet. That’s my opinion on the matter.

Seminarian, Plug Into A Church
One of the things that I love about Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is that they require you to find and get plugged into a local church while you are attending seminary or the Spurgeon College. A seminarian will learn more from practical experience, usually within the local church, than they will in the walls of the classroom.