The Weekly Nerd – Thursday, February 14

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

This Week on the Blog: My review of Suffering Is Never For Nothing by Elisabeth Elliot. Such an inspiring read and a great view on suffering from someone who has suffered quite a bit.

The Weekly Top Read:

7 Tips For Keeping Your Cool When Your Kids Misbehave
“So, you’ve blown your stack. You admit it. You confess your wrongness to all involved parties. You apologize, asking forgiveness. And you resolve to not be that way again, to not do it again. But there’s the problem. The resolve of our own nature will fail. We need supernatural enablement for change. Overcoming anger requires something humanly impossible, something supernatural. The good news is that Jesus came to make it possible for all kinds of people—including angry parents—to be changed into people who yield their expectations to God in service to others, specifically their children.”

Preach The Bible, Not Calvinism
“At the risk of sounding too simple: preach the Bible, not Calvinism. Of course, if Calvinism is true, then as you preach the Bible you will preach Calvinism. My point is more specific: Do not aim to preach your system with its terminology. Aim to preach the Bible itself.”

A Pastoral Prayer
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love how Tim Challies often posts detailed portions form his church’s liturgy. This pastoral prayer is, well, beautiful. I appreciate how Challies does this.

What To Remember When Your Sermon Gets No Response
This is a very encouraging read, both to me as a pastor and my having been a part of churches that didn’t see much growth over the years.

They Said Our Unborn Son Could Be A ‘Management Problem’
There are two lines from this piece that really struck me hard:
“In that moment I understood, in a new way, that parenting is a joyful surrender of your time.”
“The baby my wife was carrying was only a child if we wanted to keep it. There were more than 4,000 abortions in the United States the day we were given the option to add one more. We had the right to determine whether this child would be allowed to live. If we didn’t want the baby, it was only a fetus.”
This article is a gut-punch to me, and should be to everyone, about the calling of parenting and the cruelty of selfishness.

3 Tips For Sharing Your Faith At Work
This is great article for the ardent Christian who struggles when it comes to sharing their faith in the workplace, especially the many secular workplaces.