The Weekly Nerd – Thursday, February 20th, 2020

I still cannot stop writing typing 2020. It’s just fun and my fingers just type it because, well, it’s easy to type. I hope that y’all’s 2020 is going well!

Thursday’s Top Pick

Interesting Times and Changing Times in the SBC
This is an eye-opening read regarding the dark-side of the Southern Baptist Convention. Everyone has skeletons in their closets, however, few closets are as large and far-reaching as that of the SBC. This is a fair assessment of some of the goings-on within the convention leading up to the annual meeting this June in Orlando.

What Do Hitmen and Porn Watchers Have In Common?
This is a great article from Tim Challies. “And this is where I want to return to the principle I laid down in the opening paragraph: if you want to benefit from a crime, you risk facing the full consequences of that crime. The man who committed the acts of rape against that girl deserves to face justice (and, indeed, was arrestedon a felony charge of lewd battery on a victim between 12 and 16—may he be locked up for a long, long time.). It’s for good reason that Michael Pratt is facing a long list of serious charges. But what about the people who watched that video?

Can You Repent If You Were Caught?
The short answer: Yes. The Long Answer: Click and read the article!

Looking For a Church? Here’s What to Look For
A great article from the For the Church ministry out of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
“No church is perfect though. In the event you move to another area and find another church, perhaps this will help you locate the kind of church God is pleased with. It may not be the one that is most visible, but you’ll know it when you look more closely.”

10 Flavors of Works-Based Salvation
“By nature and by training we all seek solutions to our problem of sin. To varying degrees, these solutions include doing something—law keeping, good works, etc—to please or appease or satisfy the God who is one day going to judge us. The idea of contributing to one’s own salvation is universal. It’s the engine which propels every religion.”

The Task and Tools of the Daddy-Theologian
“My hope is to arm daddy-theologians everywhere with an array of ammunition deployable in the fight against the kingdom of darkness. Make no mistake about it, though it be but bedtime and bath time, you are in a war. Satan hates your family and is aggressively and actively seeking to devour them for his dark and nefarious purposes.”

The Hidden Truth Behind Bivocational Ministry
My friend Matt Henslee pens an excellent piece on bivocational ministry, pointing out the bivocational ministry isn’t part-time, as there is no such thing as part-time ministry work. Some do it because they have to, others because it’s a great tool to leverage for the gospel (which is true also for those who have to work a second job).