The Weekly Nerd – Thursday, March 8th

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My most recent book review: The BIG BOOK of Bible Stories for Toddlers

My Weekly Favorite:

Porn Is Not The Worst Thing on – is a popular app for smartphones and other such devices that lets the user record themselves lip-syncing videos and upload it for the world to watch. However, there is a very dark and depraved side to this app. Parents and young people alike, read this article as a warning as to why you should not let your children (or yourselves) have this app.

Good Theology is the Answer to Bad Technology – Some friends and I had a discussion regarding a different aspect of Christianity vs. Technology companies. While it wasn’t the exact same thing, this is a great article regarding the two.

How Many Minutes Should a 26-year-old Preach? – “Charles Spurgeon wrote, “We are generally longest when we have least to say. A man with a great deal of well–prepared matter will probably not exceed forty minutes; when he has less to say he will go on for fifty minutes, and when he has absolutely nothing he will need an hour to say it.”” So, wait, I don’t need to preach for an hour to be truly reformed?

Wise Counsel for Preachers – This is an encouraging and short read for those who preach. Timeless words.

Don’t Neglect the 4-14 Window of Children’s Ministry – “Many leaders care deeply about mission: evangelizing neighborhoods, planting churches, engaging cities, and sending missionaries. But children’s ministry is often categorized as a necessary but unimportant department that exists to support real missional efforts.
But this is an unfortunate way to view children’s ministry. These programs can be as significant as any other evangelistic and missions-related initiatives of the church. Here are five reasons why.”

Preachers and Pulpit Confessions – Recently, the pastor of a mega church confessed to sin of the nature of “sexual misconduct” when he was a youth pastor years before. He did so from the pulpit, and made it seem hip and that everything is all good. It’s definitely not all good. “The question is whether we’re walking by the Spirit in the means by which we express authenticity.”