The Weekly Nerd – Tuesday, April 23rd Edition

Welcome to The Weekly Nerd! This April 23rd is fun and exciting…or at least as fun and exciting as Tuesdays can be!

Tuesday’s Top Treat:

The Gospel in Titus
I post this article from Crossway regarding the Gospel in Titus, when in all reality, it’s the links to all the various “The Gospel in” articles they have at the bottom. They are great resources to help see the Gospel in various books and genres of Scripture.

A Newcomer’s Take on Disney World
Reading this as someone who has been to Disney World many, many times, this is a great read regarding the reality of how Disney World (and all the other parks). I really enjoyed this perspective, as it’s not often one writes as an adult visiting such an iconic place for the first time.

We Are All Theologians
“We are all responsible before God to know these things truly and rightly, to align our knowledge with the source of truth God has given us in his Word. We are all responsible to deepen and sharpen this knowledge, to gain greater knowledge and to ensure it becomes more accurate over time. What else is “guarding the good deposit” than this? How else could we be “transformed in the renewing of our minds” but this?”

The Instant Pot Was Made To Cook Indian Butter Chicken
I love the insta-pot (instant pot), and this meal sounds amazing.

Dear Foster Families, Your Love Matters
Having been a foster parent, a group home foster parent, and a foster-care case manager in the world of child welfare, this article really hits home. I cried. This. Yes. This. If you decide to NOT be foster parents because you’re afraid of getting too attached or emotional or something, then you’re thinking is wrong. I wouldn’t trade any of the time as a foster parent for anything else.

Learning Logos: How To Access Pericopes From The Go-Box
Logos Bible Software is an amazing tool (one that I use daily as a pastor) that helps many people around the world with Bible study. I used it in seminary and still use it as a pastor. As they release new versions, I plan on posting on here, from time to time, various features they have.

How Were People Saved In The Old Testament?
J.D. Greear pens a beautiful answer to a question that I, too, have received many times.
“Our faith, you see, is the same as Abraham’s: We both believe that God keeps his promise to send salvation. Abraham believed that God would send it; we believe that he has sent it.”