The Weekly Nerd – Tuesday Edition – April 10, 2018

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This Week’s Review: Eschatological Discipleship by Trevin Wax

My Tuesday Top Pick:

Feds Seize – This is great news! While a small victory in the never-ending battle against human trafficking, the seizure of is welcome news!

Why Are Christian Women More Religious Than Men? – This is a great article on something that I think we all have seen in some way or another. “As a study conducted by the Pew Research Center finds, based on a broad range of factors, Christian women in the United States express a higher level of religiosity and religious commitment than Christian men.”

China Just Banned Online Sales of the Bible – Honestly, this comes as no surprise. “The Bible is the only holy text explicitly banned from being sold online, while other religious texts are still available. The Times report ties the recent move to President Xi Jinping’s “efforts to promote traditional values” and regulate the influence of both Christianity and the West. Presidential term limits were abolished in China, paving the way for Xi to rule indefinitely.”

Please Enjoy This Compilation of NASA Crash Test Dummies – I love crash test dummies!

His Head and Heart Were God’s – Jonathan Edwards – A great article on Jonathan Edwards. “If you look at Jonathan Edwards from the wrong standpoint, everything is wrong. Some people look at him as a great eighteenth-century thinker, writer, and preacher, and that is as far as they go.”