The Weekly Nerd – Tuesday Edition – August 21st

Welcome to the Tuesday Edition of The Weekly Nerd!

I hope you are having a good week (and good coffee!).

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Tuesday’s Top Read:

Garbage Collectors Open Library With Abandoned Books
This is an amazing, feel-good story coming out of Turkey. The power of the written (printed) word reaching out to the community, and it all began with some garbage collector’s holding onto some otherwise abandoned books. I read this story while holding my youngest, and it brought tears of joy to my eyes! I like reading, and hearing how this has helped so many is such a joy!

Just A Little More – How To Quiet Your Cravings
““Just a little more” is a longtime friend of mine.
He takes a seat next to me after dinner. My stomach may be full to the point of protest, but no matter. He points at my empty plate and asks, “How about just a little more?”
He rests on the edge of my bed in the morning as my alarm clock beeps. I may need to be at work in an hour, but he tucks the sheets under my chin and assures me, “Just a little more.”
He follows behind me as I walk my fiancée home. Sure, we’ve established physical boundaries, and we may have already reached the edge of them. But he promises me, “Just a little more won’t hurt.””

What Does A Good Sermon Cost?
Wouldn’t it be great if I were up there and telling people what I think? Wouldn’t it be nice to have all these people listen to my thoughts? All with little to no consideration of the actual pressure, the demands and deadlines, the dying to one’s own perfectionism and putting yourself forward to be misunderstood and criticized. Pride in some of us dreams of ourselves up front as the center of attention. Pride in others terrifies us from saying anything firm to so many, especially in public, face to face with a crowd of potential critics.”

Apple Crime Blotter from AppleInsider
Always one of my favorite things to read, really showcasing man’s depravity and ability to organize wickedness around such products.

Do Elementary Kids Really Need Homework? 
The short answer, in my opinion? No, they don’t. The long answer? Read this article.

To The Husband Whose Wife Has Depression
“With everything you do for her and everything that you are to her, she’s forever grateful you’ve never given up on her. You are her light and her angel. Your love is what keeps her going. It’s what helps her get out of bed. You help her live each day. You help her want to live each day.”

Florida Deputy Saves Little Girl Who Was Left In A Hot Car for 12 Hours!
Fortunately, this story has a happy ending, whereas most other occurrences of this have anything but. Praise the Lord for this child being alive!