The Weekly Nerd – Tuesday Edition – August 28th

Welcome to the Tuesday Edition of The Weekly Nerd!

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Tuesday’s Top:

How To Fight Boredom With The Bible
“The Bible is the most amazing book in the world. And when we’re tempted to feel bored with it, we may need to step back and remember how marvelous and unique and powerful this piece of literature is. The Bible is simply unequaled in its influence, audacious in its claims, and unrivaled in its power to transform hardened sinners into humble saints.”

Don’t Trust The Peace In Your Heart
I seriously wish this article could have been given to be many, many, MANY years ago. Maybe I would have been less blinded by my heart.
“Unfortunately, our internal compass is fundamentally broken due to the fall. Apart from Christ, our feelings are wildly deceptive (Jer. 17:9). Our depraved natures can align feelings of peace with actions that betray God’s good design. We feel peace when we embrace our fallen nature, because we are acting consistent with that nature when we sin.”

Reflections on Teaching At Wheaton College
I really enjoyed this article, as it was a great read covering an issue that has been quite contentious as of late. I finished encouraged and feeling driven to make a difference at the school I work at (which isn’t all that far from Wheaton!).

The Pastor and Sermon Preparation (Podcast)
This is a helpful and encouraging podcast episode, both edifying to the preacher and layperson alike. Give it a listen!

What Does Prophecy Offer That Scripture Does Not?
I came out of this article weeping tears and with a greater understanding of the subject.
“Matt Chandler focused one of his sermons on prophecy and defined the gift as “Spirit-prompted, spontaneous, intelligible messages orally delivered to a person or community intended for edification and encouragement.” Then, in a number of ways and through a number of anecdotes he indicated what prophecy offers that Scripture does not: prophecy personalizes Scripture. Here’s what he says: “We receive from the Lord a word that doesn’t contradict the Scriptures, doesn’t stand in contrast to the sufficiency of the Scriptures, but it personalizes the Scriptures.” Thus, the prophet speaks on behalf of God to make one or more general biblical truths specific to an individual or community.”