The Weekly Nerd – Tuesday Edition – July 23rd

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Tuesday’s Top Read

Are Church Metrics Going Too Far?
This is a great read regarding metrics within the church. This podcast takes a poignant look at numbers and how they can possibly lead to compromise, and not the good kind.

Do Your Sermons Make Your Congregation Think You’re Angry?
I hope not!

Kids Don’t Need A Problem Free Childhood, They Need Love
I can’t say it enough: One of my favorite blogs if Her View From Home. It’s incredible!
Love is way more powerful and stronger than things being free of problems.

A Microwave Kiln, From Scratch
This looks really cool. I totally don’t have the skill set to make this, but my wife might!

How Men Can Grow In Godliness
When you’re talking about godliness, it comes forth, radiates, and is empowered by Jesus Christ and by the Holy Spirit.

A. T. Robertson on Women Preaching
Given all the things going on about women preaching, complementarianism, and other things, this is a great read from one of the greatest minds the SBC has ever known.

Five Resolutions for Pastoral Ministry
“Though I will never equate the theological prowess or eloquence Edwards displays throughout his evangelistic life, I am, nonetheless, determined to resolve myself to the Lord’s Spirit and grace for the duration of my ministry. As I embark upon the calling to which God has given me, I am, therefore, personally proposing and publicly proclaiming the following resolutions, which, under the grace and faithfulness of God, I hope to maintain and execute for the sake of his name.”