The Weekly Nerd – Tuesday Edition – October 2nd

Welcome to the October 2nd Edition of The Weekly Nerd! I hope you have fun here…I know I did!

On the Blog! The Monday Morning Mess! Yes, I am back doing pulpit supply for the time being, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Tuesday’s Top Read:

Boys Don’t Read Enough
This is a real problem, and I know this because I see it regularly, and I was one of those boys who didn’t like to read what my school wanted me to read growing up.
“But it’s not just a phenomenon in the U.K.: These trends in girls’ dominance in reading can be found pretty much anywhere in the developed world. In 2009, a global study of the academic performance of 15-year-olds found that, in all but one of the 65 participating countries, more girls than boys said they read for pleasure. On average across the countries, only about half of boys said they read for enjoyment, compared to roughly three-quarters of girls.”

Apple Crime Blotter
I especially like how the Walmart mentioned in one of the blurbs puts GPS locators on the boxes of iPhones (and presumably other high-value electronics). Fun stuff!

Increased Persecution in China, and What China’s Digital Dictatorship Could Mean for Christians
“However, in other places, Chinese Christians have continued to experience extreme persecution. In fact, it’s likely that more Christians in China are currently in prison for their faith than in any other country. Reports from unregistered churches continue to confirm that thousands of Chinese Christians are still imprisoned for following Jesus, and many are still beaten and abused in prison.”

No one shot in Chicago in 22-hour span
I promise, overall, Chicago is a beautiful city with wonderful people. Unfortunately, sin dwells in the hearts of man, and wickedness becomes pervasive. Please pray.

Does the Bible Teach an Age of Accountability?
“As with any theological question, we must turn to God’s Word for answers. Although Scripture is not exhaustive in answering every question we may ask, it is true and sufficient revelation (Ps. 19:7–14; 2 Tim. 3:15–17). Since no passage explicitly teaches an age of accountability, my reflections on this issue draw from a number of biblical truths.”

God Will Sustain You A Day At A Time
I enjoyed this encouraging read regarding taking things one day at a time, as we aren’t promised any more than today.