The Weekly Nerd – Tuesday Edition – October 9th

Welcome to the Tuesday Edition of The Weekly Nerd! I hope you’re enjoying your week, as I had a wonderful Monday, and, Lord willing, today will be wonderful as well! Praise the Lord!

On The Blog: The Monday Morning Mess! I hope many more people dislike Monday’s less and enjoy the new beginning of the week!
Tuesday’s Top Read:

The Cost of Surrounding Yourself with Negative People
This is a great read from Tim Challies regarding negative people and mixing “feel good” selfism with the Gospel. From reading the title of the post, I was expecting reasons for keeping positive people around you, not getting gobsmacked with the Biblical truth that doing that, and excluding the negative, is unbiblical. Give it a read, you’ll be edified.

Handwritten Notes and Revolutionizing Your Ministry
This is a great podcast, and is something that I will strive to do if I ever take up the role of pastor. I know that I like receiving handwritten notes from people (and mail in general that’s not a bill!).

One of the Most Destructive Statements a Church Member Can Make
“The statement is one of the most insidious, destructive, and ungodly statements a member can make. It says much about the attitude of the member and the group he or she represents. There is nothing good that can come from this statement.”
This is something that I don’t know how to react to, if it were ever said to me. Lord willing, I would answer graciously and in such a way that would allow the speaker to see the error of his/her ways.

The Danger of Non-Christocentric Approaches to Expository Preaching: A Displaced Gospel
I enjoy reading such exhortations regarding preaching because preaching is something that I find myself doing more and more. I earnestly hope and pray this never happens to me in my ministry. “It is possible to preach only true assertions from the Scripture and yet mislead hearers regarding the truth of the faith because none of the truths of Scripture are meant to be understood in isolation. When ethical and moral imperatives are proclaimed as sufficient, even abstracted from Jesus, the result is a crossless Christianity in which the central message becomes an exhortation to live according to God’s rules.”

If God Desires All To Be Saved Then Why Aren’t They?
“God desires all people to know the truth and be saved. But his higher desire is to put all aspects of his variegated glory on display, including his justice, wrath, holiness, and mercy. This is Paul’s hard-to-swallow answer in Romans 9:20-23, that God makes “vessels of wrath prepared for destruction.””