The Weekly Nerd – Tuesday Edition – September 11th

Welcome to the Tuesday Edition of The Weekly Nerd! It’s been 17 years since that unforgettable day in American History, 9/11, one that will be seared in the hearts and minds of millions around the globe.

Tuesday’s Top Read

“We’re The Only Plane In The Sky”
This is a gripping account of 9/11, one told from the viewpoints of reports, presidential advisors, and the such who were with the President in Florida that day, and then on Air Force 1. I read this every year.

No Excuses for Preaching Bad Sermons
“But here’s the problem with that: An over-reliance on the built-in tools can keep us from learning the fundamentals of photography and without those fundamentals it’s tough to be better than decent. The photography field is now stuffed full of amateurs who can get some pretty good results with their automated cameras and their processing software, but it seems there are fewer professionals who really study the art and science of photography and whose work displays true excellence.”

Seven Reason Why Church Worship Centers Will Get Smaller 
This is a great read/listen (mostly listen) regarding the future shrink in size of worship centers. It’s also very sobering and should, Lord willing, spur more kingdom work from believers.

From Top Secret to Best Seller: the Story of the Apple Watch
This is a great read about the Apple Watch. I wear one and it’s a blessing. It helps me be more health conscious (something I need to act upon more), as well as be less attached to my phone all the time. Most of my notifications are things I can ignore (sometimes completely), and they are more quickly checked with my watch.

Why Declining Churches Often Run Off Pastors
Stemming from a question regarding a church wanting to merge with another church, this discussion is an excellent exhortation for church leaders and congregants alike.

The Injustice of Social Justice
This statement from John MacArthur, I think, sums up what he is against (and why so many oppose him): “Today, critical race theory, feminism, intersectional theory, LGBT advocacy, progressive immigration policies, animal rights, and other left-wing political causes are all actively vying for evangelical acceptance under the rubric of “social justice.””