The Weekly Nerd – Tuesday Edition – September 25th

Welcome! It’s Weekly Nerd Time! This is a roundup of a few of my favorite articles (and sometimes videos) from around the web!

Tuesday’s Top Read:

How To Pray Like A Pastor
I really enjoyed this article from Challies. It’s a great read, great encouragement, and a wonderful help to get a routine going in one’s prayer life.
“But D.A. Carson has rightly pointed out that the list of qualifications for elders is “remarkable for being unremarkable.” Why? Because “the criteria mentioned are demanded of all Christians everywhere. Which is another way of saying, elders are first of all to be exemplars of the Christian graces that are presupposed as mandated on all Christians.” Every church is meant to be full of men and women who display these traits. And if every Christian is meant to display to display them, every Christian should pray for them. ”

The Amputee Who Showed Everyone
This is an inspirational read!
“He kept playing, and grew into a high school football star in Florida. Kept playing, and became a starting linebacker for the University of Central Florida. Minus one hand, he intercepted balls. Minus one hand, he recovered fumbles. It was something to see, and pro scouts saw it. He was drafted to play linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks this season.”

Killing the Big-Box Gym
I never knew something like this existed, and I am greatly intrigued. I think that this is an amazing service!

Arguing In Front of Your Kids
Arguing in front of your children shouldn’t be taboo, it should be a valuable lesson in which your children learn what it means to work things out.
“So that they could see us come to that conclusion. Amicably. Without anyone stomping out. Without slamming doors. Without any shouting, degrading, or verbalizing of things that we would just regret when we woke up the next day.”

Iran Sentenced Us to Death for Being Christian
“Both of us grew up in nominally Muslim families but became Christians as young adults. We met while studying leadership and attending Christian seminars together in Turkey, then returned to Iran to share our faith. We were both arrested and spent 259 days in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison, where we learned why Iran is classified as among the countries where followers of Christ face the most extreme persecution.”