The Weekly Nerd – Tuesday Edition – September 4th

Welcome to The Weekly Nerd! It’s Tuesday, September 4th, and we are having fun!

Tuesday’s Top Read:

Viral “Momo Suicide Game” – The Power of Social Media and Peer Pressure
The influence and effects of peer pressure and social media can often have dire, if not deadly, consequences. Take this “Momo Suicide Game” for example. If the last challenge is suicide, then why try it at all?
“The vile “Momo suicide game” has been garnering attention after it began spreading on WhatsApp, prompting police warnings. If players fail to complete the challenges in the game, they receive threatening messages from an avatar dubbed Momo, a bird-like woman with eyes protruding out of her head, who says the user will be cursed with an “evil spell.””

Have We Finally Hit Peak Attractional?
“The attractional church is, according to Jared Wilson, a “ministry paradigm that has embraced consumerism, pragmatism, and moralism as its operational values.” It assumes that the greatest and highest purpose of the church service is to evangelize unbelievers rather than to encourage and disciple believers. It assumes we are responsible to do whatever it takes to get people through the doors of the church. It assumes that we shouldn’t do or say anything within a service that may make unbelievers uncomfortable. It assumes that growing numbers are a necessary indication of God’s favor.”

My Daughter Prayed to Alexa 
“Lily’s innocent mistake that day opened our eyes to how a small device that is becoming so prevalent in homes is making a huge impact on the thoughts and communication of our children.”
As funny and cute as this anecdote sounds, it’s foreboding foreshadowing of the future of technology and reality.

A Lego Car
No, not one that you can quickly build and hold in your hand. A person actually drove this one. Even the engine is Lego…just check out the article and watch the video.

Dear Mothers of Tween Girls, There’s So Much More At Stake
“Oh mothers, there’s so much more at stake now for us than ever before. Our children are watching. We must finally stop fighting this “self-love” idea and model it. I want my beautiful children to feel as such. So, I must finally give up my addiction to negative self-talk. The critical voice that I’ve tried to motivate myself with for so many years and failed, needs to once and for all be given the heave-ho.”

Is It Time To Go Back To The Heart Of Worship?
I love the song, but never knew the inspiration behind it. And now I love it more.
“Soul Survivor church was doing well, drawing people, enjoying success. They were gathering as a church every week, singing loud songs, and having a good time. But the leaders couldn’t shake the growing conviction that for all the good they were seeing and all the fun they were having, they had completely lost track of what it is to worship. So one week Pilavachi unplugged the sound system and had the band leave the stage. For a time they sat in awkward silence until finally they began to raise their voices unaccompanied by instruments, amplification, and lights.”