The Weekly Nerd – Tuesday Edition

Welcome to the Weekly Nerd! It’s Tuesday and so far, the week is going slowly….

On the Blog: Yesterday’s Monday Morning Mess is fantastic!
Tuesday’s Top Read:

Eliud Kipchoge is the Greatest Marathoner, Ever.
This is an incredible article about an extraordinary man and his ability to run. The self-discipline, the motivation, the skill. I think that many of us can learn a thing or two from reading this about our lives as Christians. And….he not only won the Berlin Marathon this past Sunday, he crushed it.

Apple Crime Blotter
This will always be one of my favorite articles to read. I really liked the accidental AirDrop that delayed a flight!

Firefox and Safari Browsers Add Anti-Facebook and Google Privacy Protections
In a day and age when privacy seems to be an ever-shrinking thing in our lives, I feel it’s important to point out areas in which we can take a little back for ourselves! Read this very informative article regarding browsers.

Talking With Your Toddlers
“A study published this week in Pediatrics found that toddlers with parents who spend lots of time listening and chatting with them are more likely to have better language skills and higher IQs a decade later than youngsters left hanging in silence.”

How Faith Changes Campus Sex Assaults
“In a 2017 study, Vanderwoerd and Harvard University’s Albert Cheng found that female students at evangelical colleges in Canada fared significantly better than at secular ones, with fewer reports of unwanted sexual contact (18% compared to 21%–31%) and rape (less than 1% compared to 3%–5%). Students at Christian schools in the US also reported lower rates of such incidents in the Campus Climate Comparison Study conducted the same year.”

God Hasn’t Called You To Be Tired
“I know there are seasons when God has called each of us to extreme sacrifice (and accompanying weariness). For instance, no one should heap shame on mothers because their newborns are keeping them awake day and night. But as a way of life, we need to remember that God has not called us to be a tired people. He has called us, in fact, to rest as we trust in his provision for our lives.”

Planned. Purchased. Preserved.
“As we learn to love and hope in this great work of the Trinity for our salvation, the result will be a childlike trust in God. We can count on him. The Father, the Son, and the Spirit have conspired since eternity past to save you from your sins and adopt you into the glorious family of the Trinity. If you believe in Jesus as your Savior, the triune God, who created and sustains all things by his mighty power, is entirely committed to your salvation and eternal good. What else could produce more confidence, hope, and awestruck joy?”