The Weekly Nerd – Tuesday, January 15th

Welcome to The Weekly Nerd! I hope you enjoy my few favorite articles from around the web this past week!

On the Blog: My latest book review on Francis Chan’s Letters To The Church

Emotions Make Terrible Gods
We live in a time when emotions are looked upon at what drives yourself. In all reality, we need to control our emotions. This is a great take on this topic, especially in how it relates to the Christian worldview.

Accepting “No” As God’s Will
All too often people always expect God to answer prayers with a resounding “YES!” Many times, people are met with silence (which is an entirely different discussion). But those times when we are met with a firm “No” as an answer, we just don’t know what to do. This read is a great encouragement!

Three Reasons to Never Say “I Would Never Do That.”
I already know not to do this…I’ve moved BACK to Florida twice.

Why We Are Returning To A Hymnal
This is a great read, one that I have thoroughly enjoyed. When I became a Christian, and for many years, I really did not like hymns. At all. Now, praise Jesus, I love them and truly am blessed by their theological richness, something lacking in many, if not most, modern “worship” songs.

Apple Will Disrupt Healthcare Like The iPhone Did To The Mobile Industry
The introduction of the iPhone in January 2007, and it’s release that June, marked a new area of technology, both good and bad, and new businesses. Now, Apple is poised to make a major move into healthcare. Read this to find out why.

Why You Shouldn’t Stop Blogging (Or Why You Should Consider Starting)
From Tim Challies, this is a great article and wonderful encouragement, especially to me, who desires to keep on being a plodding blogger to the glory of God. Challies covers many reasons why one should keep their own, independent blog as a main place of writing original content.