The Weekly Nerd – Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Welcome Back to the Weekly Nerd! It’s been a short while since I’ve posted my weekly aggregation of favorite articles and blog posts from the internet, but I’m back (at least for this week, haha!).

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Tuesday’s Top Read:

5 Lessons from Persecuted Christians in China
I read this article from The Gospel Coalition, and it really struck me, because face it, here in the United States, most of us don’t really know what persecution of Christians really is. “For the watching world, including believers who share the same faith with our brothers and sisters in China, we have much to learn from them.”

Should We “Make A Beeline To The Cross”?
“Texts that deal with how to experience this living Christ, and how to be transformed by him in the specific attitudes and behaviors of life, are in the Bible not to send us on a beeline to the cross. The cross is in the Bible to send us on a beeline to dig deep into those texts and discover the wonders of blood-bought, obedient life in Christ. That does not happen by treating those texts quickly and superficially before we leave them in the name of preaching Christ crucified.”

The RANSOM Bible Study Method, by Doctrine and Devotion
The article above this one, by John Piper, regarding making a beeline to the cross really made me think of the RANSOM Bible Study method from the JoFo at Doctrine and Devotion. The questions that they pose in that method challenge me as I read through Scripture, and one thing that I am realizing is that not all Scripture allows a clear beeline to the cross. There are two questions that I am realizing I cannot answer clearly in every passage. They are, “How does this passage demonstrate the need for a Savior?” and “How does this passage relate to the person and work of Jesus Christ?” This has changed my Bible study as well as my sermon preparation.

You Can Teach Theology With Picture Books
I am a huge fan of teaching theology to kids at an early age through family devotions and reading. Using books, children’s books, as topic lessons is a great idea. Check out this list from The Gospel Coalition.

The Challenging Joy of Communal Living
This article is a great read and something I think is a worthwhile endeavor for those called to such a ministry. Yes. I do think it’s a ministry.
“But the goal of communal living shouldn’t be merely to live in comfort, enjoy amenities, and connect with people just like you. True communal living is forged in shared homes where our first priority isn’t our own comfort.”

Why Christian Movies Are So Terrible
Jared C. Wilson is so savage. But right. “I know, I know — people always try to come up with exceptions. But there aren’t any, really. Every now and again some well-meaning brother or sister will say to me, “This one’s different. You gotta see it. It’s not like the others.” And then it is. It painfully, painfully is.”

Six Reasons Why Some Church Members Resist Growth
This is a compelling article regarding church growth and resistance from church members. I have seen this happen before and was baffled by it. Thom Rainer really offers some great insight as to why this happens.