The Weekly Nerd – Tuesday November 26th

Welcome to The Weekly Nerd! Hopefully, this will become a regular thing, once again!

Tuesday’s Top Pick:

Five Reasons Rural and Small-Town Churches Are Making a Comeback
I’m slightly biased on this one, as I pastor a small, rural church that is just outside a small, rural town. My family moved here from the Chicago area, and Florida before that, and we love being in the country, where things are more relaxed, simple, and friendly. I agree wholeheartedly with this article!

Semper Reformanda In Context
“So what did van Lodenstein mean by his famous phrase reformed and always reforming? Probably something like this: since we now have a church reformed in the externals of doctrine, worship, and government, let us always be working to ensure that our hearts and lives are being reformed by the Word and Spirit of God.”

Core Convictions About Prayer
Prayer, I think, is one of the most under practiced spiritual disciplines amongst Christians there is. And, there are many reasons for it, one being that people find prayer boring. We need to constantly be reminded on the importance of prayer, on the convictions on prayer. This article from Ligonier convicted me of my prayer life! Read this article and be prepared to be encouraged!

4 Common Critics and Constructive Ways to Respond to Them
“It is inevitable that pastors and other church leaders will face criticism. Some critics will be well-intentioned while others will be bent on destruction; some will be attempting to do the right thing (even if in a ham-fisted way) while others will be attempting to wreak havoc. Yet the prideful and troubling temptation can be to treat them all the same.”

Is It Possible to be Happy In Christ Despite Suffering?
“The happiness described in Scripture is all the richer because it doesn’t involve denial or pretense and can be experienced amid severe difficulty. Christ-followers don’t preach the flimsy kind of happiness that’s built on wishful thinking. Instead, our basis for happiness remains true—and sometimes becomes clearer—in suffering.”

Three Reasons You Should Preach Through 2 Corinthians
I love the “Reasons You Should Preach Through” series of blog posts put out by! It really is great and something I have bookmarked as, despite still having much time left to preach through the Gospel of John, I am reading and praying about regarding what book I will preach through next.