The Weekly Nerd – Wednesday April 8th, 2020

We are still in the Great Quarantine of 2020, with no firm end in sight. However, that doesn’t matter, because God knows for sure what is going on!

On the Blog: Redeeming the Time

Wednesday’s Top Read:

The Internet is Working Because Cold-War Era Pioneers Designed It To Handle Almost Anything
This is a great, and very interesting, article regarding the design of the internet, as something that was originally built back in the days of the Cold War. And, after reading it, I don’t think the internet would have held us as well had it not been designed in such a way.

Sweden’s Response to the Coronavirus
This is a very interesting read and is actually something that I have talked about with my wife.
“This is, in fact, the first time we have quarantined healthy people rather than quarantining the sick and vulnerable. As Fredrik Erixon, the director of the European Centre for International Political Economy in Brussels, wrote in The Spectator (U.K.) last week: “The theory of lockdown, after all, is pretty niche, deeply illiberal — and, until now, untested. It’s not Sweden that’s conducting a mass experiment. It’s everyone else.””

4 Reflections After Listening to 18 Hours of Sermons in America’s Biggest Churches
This was actually very eye-opening to me. While to some degree I know I should not be surprised when hearing about the deficiencies in larger churches, the observations made here are, well, shocking.

Code Blue – A Brooklyn ICU Amidst the Pandemic
Note: This might require a subscription or for you to reset your cache so you can get one of the free views.
This article is heart-wrenching in how it covers the horrors of what goes on at the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic in some of the harder hit areas. Pray for the the doctors and nurses in such places.

The Bible Was His Only Crime
“Stephen Vaughan was an English merchant commissioned by Thomas Cromwell, the king’s adviser, to find William Tyndale and inform him that King Henry VIII desired him to come back to England out of hiding on the continent. In a letter to Cromwell from Vaughan dated June 19, 1531, Vaughan wrote about Tyndale these simple words: “I find him always singing one note” (David Daniell, William Tyndale: A Biography, 217). That one note was this: Will the King of England give his official endorsement to a vernacular Bible for all his English subjects? If not, Tyndale would not come. If so, Tyndale would give himself up to the king and never write another book.”
Great Article!

Coronavirus Could Kill Consumer Christianity
This is an excellent article that looks towards the positives of the Coronavirus, some of the few positives there seem to be. Having read this, I realize that there are some things in the article that I have been praying about for a long time. I hope you get as much out of this as I did.