The Weekly Nerd – Wednesday, December 11th

Welcome to the Weekly Nerd! It’s December y’all! Merry Christmas! I hope you have a blessed day!

Wednesday’s Top Read:

“The Interrogator” on what it takes to make a criminal crumble
This is one of the most interesting articles I have read, and it makes me want to find the show to watch! I have heard of Detective Waters before, spoken with reverence, and from reading this, I know truly understand why.

How Can I Revitalize My Church From The Pulpit?
In this episode of Ask Pastor John, John Piper addresses a topic, an idea, that knows no barriers or seasons in how it can affect the church.
“What the church needs every Sunday — every Sunday — is fresh vision, compelling direction, deep and strong inspiration. If things are going to go well in the church, and if it’s going to grow, this is going to be necessary. This is true whether things are going well or going hard.”

The 2020 Christian Reading Challenge
Every year, Tim Challies puts out his reading challenge, from beginner to advances, from 13 books to 104, along with various genres and styles of books to read. Check it out. While I have never successfully completed anything more than the 13 book challenge, give it a whirl.
On a related note: Pray for Tim Challies and his family. His father passed away suddenly just a couple days ago. Completely unexpected.

A Right Understanding of the Pastorate
This is a great article from Facts and Trends regarding a better understanding of the pastorate, a Theology of the Pastorate if you will. I think it’s a great read fro both pastors and non-pastors alike. I know it has encouraged me. I hope you enjoy.

Get On the Right Side of History or Die: An Open Letter to Christian Higher Education
“For biblically committed Christians, however, this is not the most important issue. We have lost cultural traction before. In its early centuries, the Christian church appeared to be on the wrong side of history. The call is now to remake Christianity, starting with a rejection of clear biblical teachings on sexuality, gender, and marriage. The fundamental truth claims of the Christian faith are, as Martyn Lloyd-Jones famously stated, unchanged and unchanging. To that we can only add unchangeable. Anything that is remade and called Christianity isn’t actually Christianity. It is a new religion, claiming a Christian identity.”