The Weekly Nerd – Wednesday Edition – May 9th, 2018

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Wednesday Winner:

“I’m Bored”
While this is from the Babylon Bee, this satirical statement about our youth today is clearly a jab at reality. I work with children for a living (of all ages), as well as having several of my own, and I hear that statement, “I’m bored,” all too often. This hilarious yet poignant article gives me another quippy yet serious response to give next time boredom sets in…

Should Pastors Podcast Their Sermons?
I completely understand arguments from both sides, and this is something that I have pondered myself, with a little twist. If I were a pastor, how would I most effectively reach the homebound, those who cannot physically make it to church? I’ve thought about everything from podcasts to my blog, or burning sermons to CD and bringing them to the congregants in person. I wouldn’t think of it as an outreach or evangelical tool, nor a way to replace coming to church. If skipping out on church becomes the focus, then pastors should definitely NOT podcast their sermons.

To The Nurse Who Held My Stillborn Baby
“I entered that room already in the final stage of labor, and at 20 weeks pregnant, we both knew that my baby would not be coming home with me. Just two days earlier, I had heard the beautiful sound of my baby’s heartbeat, but there was no way to tell if it was still resonating from within or if it had gone silent.” Grab your tissues before clicking on this link.

I Was Born With No Arms
“I do everything with my feet because I was born without arms.  But, that doesn’t limit me.  By God’s grace, I’ve been able to live a full life that has included graduating college, marrying my best friend Heather, raising two beautiful kids and serving in ministry for over a decade. The way I’ve lived my life isn’t much different than anyone else.”

Dear Wives, Let Your Husbands Go
“Our husbands need time to refuel, to talk about sports or hunting, books or history . . . whatever they are into. They need a space that is safe for them to vent or be held accountable. They deserve to be built up from other men. Even if all they are doing is playing cards or golf, or drinking craft beer that would make my stomach turn while laughing at action movies I am happy to skip.”

Watching This Guy Build A Giant Lego Star Destroyer Is Hypnotic
This video is pretty amazing. I’ve watched it a few times now, as it’s so detailed.

Tennessee Teen Stabs Male Student After He Pulls Up Her Dress, Police Say
“The male student told police that “he was only playing and never exposed the victim,” FOX13 reported.” This. I just can’t. This type of attitude needs to stop in our young men. Completely inappropriate on so many levels.