The Weekly Nerd – Wednesday Edition – October 17th

Welcome to The Weekly Nerd! Going back to once a week for a while, on Wednesdays, unless something special comes up or I get an abundance of great articles!

On The Blog: The Monday Morning Mess! It was a great weekend, and God is good!

Wednesday’s Winner:

Security Camera Captures Five-Foot Python Falling From Bank Ceiling
I chose this as my top read for the week because, well, I just want everyone to know that those irrational fears can sometimes come true. I mean, a five-foot snake falling out of the ceiling…at a bank?! If I had been there, I might have screamed.

Biblical Theology in Discipleship
“I often look at church websites to see what studies are being offered to the women of the church or in adult Sunday School classes. And I am often disheartened to discover studies that are felt-needs driven, studies with little biblical or theological rigor, and studies oriented around self-improvement.”

Northern California Preemptively Turns Off Power to Thousands Preparing For Dangerous Fire Conditions
This is truly an interesting move, but one that I think is well-meaning and well planned. With such low humidity levels (below 20%), and a rich and horrendous recent history of fires, if this even helps just a little, it will be a move well worth it.

The State of Theology, from Ligonier Ministries
After reading through the State of Theology from Ligonier Ministries, it hardens my resolve to help people learn Biblical Theology, how the entirety of the Bible points to Christ. Also, things such as Biblical literacy covering theology and doctrine are important. There are many statistics in there that will be eye-opening, giving us much room for improvement in how we handle and present the Word of God.

Want a Standing Desk? Show This Study to Your Boss
I have a sit-stand desk riser on my desk, and I love it. It keeps me up and moving more often to and from my desk, rather than trying to get my kids to do it for me. And this article makes me feel like getting this was a great idea!

The Worst Job in Technology: Staring at Human Depravity to Keep It Off Facebook
This is a heart-wrenching read, especially knowing that it’s a job. I don’t think I could do it.
“Ms. Katz, 27 years old, says she reviewed as many as 8,000 posts a day, with little training on how to handle the distress, though she had to sign a waiver warning her about what she would encounter. Coping mechanisms among content moderators included a dark sense of humor and swiveling around in their chairs to commiserate after a particularly disturbing post.”

The Pathology of An Apostate Church
“Consider the spiritual ground that is lost when the church surrenders biblical authority. If Scripture does not speak with absolute, inerrant authority, the offer of justification by grace through faith cannot be extended to desperate sinners. One can’t argue for the sufficiency of Christ as the sacrifice for sins, or His rule as the Head of the church. One can’t cling to the glorious truth of imputation—that at the cross, “[God] made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him” (2 Corinthians 5:21). Without those truths, we have no guarantee that God’s wrath has been satisfied. There can be no assurance of faith, no hope of heaven, and no confidence in the promises of God.”