The Weekly Nerd – Wednesday, March 14th

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My most recent book review: The CSB Kids Bible

My Weekly Favorite:

Think your Kids Don’t Know Much About Sex? Think Again – “We all think our kids are naïve. We all think our kids haven’t been exposed to certain things. We all think that when we talk to our kids about something, they tell us the truth. But they don’t. In fact, they can’t. I mean, who really wants to talk about this stuff with their Mom? So, whatever you think they know about a topic, assume they know twenty percent more, and start there.”

Are You Pretending To Be Happy – “Your happiness is not about you — not if you want it to last for more than a few minutes. Happiness will always hide from us when we shrink our world down to what we want in the moment, rather than seeing ourselves as part of what God is doing around the world and throughout history.” This is a great article that has put a lot in perspective for me.

Men, Bear the Burden Day After Day – Thinking of how my father was back when I was a child, I would reckon that this was how he was acting, bearing the burden every day. The only times he ever broke from this was when two of his daughters, my sisters, died. This is a great read.

Attention Students: Put Away Your Laptopts! – This is a great read that backs up everything most of us have known for a while. I know when I write stuff down, I remember it better.

How To Not Teach Your Kids The Bible – Teaching children the Bible has been something that has plagued my generation, or at least so it seems. This article from The Gospel Coalition really hammers home both things to avoid and embrace.