The Weekly Nerd – Wednesday, March 21st

Greetings one and all! Welcome to The Weekly Nerd! I hope you enjoy your browsing!

My Weekly Favorite:

It Was Your Sin that Murdered Christ! – “Sometimes it does us good to consider the sheer sinfulness of our sin. Sometimes it does us good to consider what our sin has cost.” Tim Challies really hits home, making me feel 2 Corinthians 7:10 right in the gut.

Andy Savage Resigns from Megachurch Over Past Abuse – Finally. I don’t mean to sound harsh or mean-spirited towards Andy Savage, for he is a sinner and so am I. However, what he did was wrong, completely and utterly wrong. He has done the right thing and will finally get help and start a process of healing for both him and his victim.

Here’s How to Share as Little Data as Possible Without Deleting Facebook – Almost everyone I know has Facebook. And, given recent reports of mishandling of personal data at the social media behemoth, I think many should read this article and take heed.

Andrew Peterson’s New Song for the People –  (Video) – Beautiful. Just Beautiful. Don’t just listen to the music, watch the video. One. Single. Shot.

Learning how to Pray Using Index Cards – This is an amazing article and I really want to test out the system. In writing, it seems like gold and would help me in my prayer life. I would also be writing a review on this, however I have not had time to procure any index cards (yet!). Watch out for a review of this system!

A Pastor’s Intentional Resolve – Christians, in my opinion, must be purposeful and intentional about many things, especially pastors. This is a great read for things pastors must be intentional with in their lives, both public and private.

AirDrop Is Your iPhone’s Must Underrated Tool – I have an iPhone and many Apple devices and have used AirDrop quite a bit since it’s inception, however, this article brings to light the breadth of possible uses. I know there is no file limit (or at least it’s huge), as I have AirDropped a video file that was over one gigabyte in size. This is a great read for a wonderful tool that is oft overlooked. I plan on using it more.

Dear Concerned Shoppers at Target, My Kid is Barefoot and He’s Fine – Have I mentioned that the blog Her View From Home is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs? I love the love and brutal honesty that is laid out for the world to read. And I, though being a dad, completely resemble this article about my kid not wearing shoes. My three-year old practically never wore them until we moved to the Chicago area from Florida when she was two. In the middle of winter. It was a daily battle.

And when he entered Jerusalem, the whole city was stirred up, saying, “Who is this?” And the crowds said, “This is the prophet Jesus, from Nazareth of Galilee.”” (Matthew 21:10–11, ESV)