The Weekly Nerd – Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

Greetings one and all! Welcome to The Weekly Nerd! I hope you enjoy your browsing! There might be no Weekly Nerd next week due to no internet at my place of work/home (long story, but, no internet for a week or so).

My Weekly Favorite:

A Terrifying Aluminum Foil Knife – This gives a whole meaning to the thought of should we just because we can? But, it’s also oddly interesting and mesmerizing to watch!

The Battle for a Man’s Mind – “Thus, every aspect of culture is corrupted by the reality of sin in the world, the community, the home, and the workplace. That is why the quest for redeemed manhood always drives us back to Jesus Christ. He is the ultimate example of what a true man looks like, but more importantly, he is our Savior. One mistake men often make is to treat the problems in their life as though they are isolated matters, and the real issue lies outside of them. The starting point of a redeemed worldview is knowing the greatest danger to any man exists inside of him, not outside.”

Facebook Alternatives – Given the recent data “breaches” (if you can call them breaches) involving Facebook and the massive number of users it has, here is a good starting guide to alternatives to the social media behemoth.

Why Is Everyone Talking About VPNs? – Well, that’s an easy answer: Facebook, duh! We’ve all known that companies track our browsing for the ultimate goal of ad revenue, but now we see how data we thought was private (or at least semi private) is handled. While not failsafe, VPNs are an easy way to mask your browsing habits from your ISP or organization. This article from Lifehacker helps explain how VPNs do just that.

This has been a long week for me personally and professionally, leaving me with little time to scour the internet for awesome articles to link here. And, I might not be posting next week (we’ll see, though). Have a great week and Soli Deo Gloria!