I chose the title “Things I Like” for this page because, well, it’s not just going to be books, or blogs, or any one thing. So, here is my mishmash of things that I like…


Everyone’s A Theologian, by R.C. Sproul. Everyone’s a Theologian is a great read, and easy read, and a great systematic theology book for new believers and mature believers alike. It is very thorough and concise, and I believe would make a great book to read together with a group of men or a long-term small-group Bible study.

Doxology & Theology, Matt Boswell. This book, written for worship pastors by worship pastors, is one of the best books I have ever read on Pastoral Theology, practice, and calling. One of my favorite points in the book is made stating that even the worship “leader” (pastor) needs to fall under all the same elder qualifications as the senior/lead pastor of the church. Great read, something I recommend to all!

The Insanity of God, by Nik Ripken. This book, The Insanity of God, is one of the most grippingly powerful books that I have ever read. The settings span the globe as Nik travels to learn more about persecution of Christians and Christianity around the globe in our lifetime. It’s not something you hear about regularly, but, it’s there and abounding. However, as shown through Nik’s experiences, one also sees the might Hand of God working through this persecution. Get this book and read it. As a Christian, your life won’t be the same.

The Insanity of Obedience, by Nik Ripken. Another amazing book, written as a followup to The Insanity of God, this book will challenge you in ways that you didn’t realize were possible. Nik Ripken goes deeper behind some of the stories of persecution that are but a small fraction of those he has heard over his many years of traversing the globe. Reading through the Insanity of Obedience will help you better understand the role of persecution of the church in the modern times and how Christians need to respond to persecution.

God’s Glory In Salvation Through Judgment, by James M. Hamilton, Jr. This book is a wonderful book, a Biblical Theology, that follows the metanarrative of Scripture in how God is glorified through our salvation which comes through His judgment. Great read. I’m not done with it, yet, as I am reading it through with this reading plan. I suggest to get at least the Kindle version, as the reading plan covers that, as well.

There are many other books I love, and as some stand out, I will add them to my list. And just because it’s not on here doesn’t mean it’s not great. If I posted all the great books I’ve read on here, no one would ever really want to navigate to this page on my blog…


The Christian Daily Reporter: This is basically a lesser-known, Christian version of The Drudge Report. I love it. I am a bit of a news junkie, and I read Drudge quite a bit. The Christian Daily Reporter copies Drudge’s simplistic look and layout, and is filled with articles regarding Christianity and Christian world view.

Tim Challies: Tim Challies is a wonderful Christian blogger who really nails it down when it comes to writing about where being a Christian and life meet, putting one’s faith into practice in the real world and not just inside the doors of the church.

Gentle Reformation: The Gentle Reformation is a group of men who blog about things pertaining to the Church and life. They are well thought out, very educated, and Scripturally rooted and sound. Definitely a great read

The Gospel Coalition: I am, for the most part, a huge fan of the Gospel Coalition. They have incredible outreach and resources, and great conferences, as well. Also, I am slightly partial because it was while at the 2013 National Conference in Orlando that God really called me into vocational ministry. As my pastor put it, I wrestled with the Lord that night after saying “no” several times to pastoring a church. While technically this isn’t a blog, there are many blogs hosted there from respectable pastors, authors, and Christian leaders. Go check it out!

Software/Other Stuff:

Logos Bible Software. There are many things that I use on a regular basis, however, there are not many things that I regularly use that I can say have saved me hours, days, if not weeks of time. Logos Bible Software is one of those that has saved much time for me. Having recently graduated from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, I can attest to how invaluable Logos is as not only an aid in Bible study, sermon preparation, but also in the realm of academia. There are many different options available, look them over, and if you’re in ministry or going into seminary, this is a very powerful tool to have at your disposal.