When God saved me…and maybe stir up some talk….

God saved me almost 16 years ago to the day. It was a Tuesday evening on November 26, 1996. My sister had just been in a car accident two days prior that was supposed to have left her dead(that will be another post for another time). It was that accident that God used as a catalyst to change my life…forever. After that accident, immediately after, I went to church, as it happened on a Sunday. I had friends at the church, and I knew I could find comfort there. And two days later, I got a visit from a youth leader and some of the youth. They shared about Jesus with me, and God saved me. Yes, I said a prayer, but, there was meaning and a changed heart behind it.

Now, lets’s rewind about two months. Sophomore year math class. Back row. I was sitting next to a dear friend, Laura, who’s dad was a pastor at their church. And I asked her a question…I asked Laura if she thought the world was going to end in her lifetime. What a loaded question to ask in 10th Grade math to a preacher’s kid. But, Praise God, she was given the words to say. I don’t remember them exactly, but, they went kind of like this: “I believe it will end. Jesus will come back to earth and then take His people up to heaven with Him and then the world will end.” Or something close to that. It was over 16 years ago. And, for a 15 year old asking a question about the end times(basically), it was enough of a frightening response to make me think that I wanted to be one of Jesus’s people whom He brought up to heaven with Him. So, I began going to church. Well, to Sunday School anyways. I began to hear the gospel. The seeds were planted and watered. God made them grow. And, after my sister survived the car accident for more than a few hours(she was given a few hours, she lived almost 5 years), my heart was tender and open to God. So when youth leader Barry, and youths Abby and Gus came to my house and told me what God did for me, sacrificing His Son Jesus, I was ready because I knew that God was saving my sister.

From that point on, I have been striving to be more like Jesus, to be passionate for Him. I’ve had my ups and my downs, but I know that God has used them all(Genesis 50:20, Romans 8:28) to make me into a better person and allow me to minister to others through my experiences(2 Corinthians 1:3-5)

Now, one of these days, I will post about my life after God saved me, which is far more exciting than the one prior. I was a boring kid, television and video games, etc. before I was saved. Nothing to exciting there!