Where did ESV Bible Nerd.com Come From?

While it’s not represented in the URL to my blog, someone might wonder the headline title of my blog, “ESV Bible Nerd.com” and wonder where that came from. Also, they might wonder why it’s not my URL.

The second question is more easily answered: When setting up this site, I was messing around and accidentally used www.jonwbradley.com and didn’t realize it was too late (while I thought I was using www.esvbiblenerd.com). Whoops. I have since contacted my hosting site and have www.esvbiblenerd.com as my domain! 

As for the first question, there is some back story to this. A couple months ago, I was at church looking at the various Bibles my pastor has in his collection, all of which are nice. He is definitely a collector of Bibles. And there was this one Bible he had, nice goatskin leather, English Standard Version (the Bible in question can be viewed online HERE). And, well, my wife shot down any attempt I’ve made when bringing up the Bible (I really haven’t tried in a while and no, if you’re reading this, this is NOT an attempt to get that Bible).

Well, my pastor emailed me or iMessaged me the link to the Bible (that is above) and I had it open on my computer. And my wife, in passing, made a comment that went something like this:

“Don’t tell me your looking at ESVBibleNerd.com again. You’re not getting that Bible.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, someone out there is going to construe this as my wife being mean or something. Ultimately, “ESVBibleNerd.com” is now a running joke between my wife and I, and sometimes our pastor gets involved in the hijinks of it all (he constantly plugs in reasons why I should get the Bible..birthday, graduation, etc. I’m fully expecting him to say something if/when I get ordained about how it would make a fine ordination gift or something).

So, that’s the story behind why I am going to call my blog ESV Bible Nerd.com… And, I might even get that URL someday for it…