Who Do You Think You Are(part 2.5, haha)

I didn’t really get to finish my last post because I was working and work suddenly became demanding of my time, haha!

As I read through this book(I just finished reading I Am Heard), I see many useful things for my “job”. First, let me describe my job: My wife and I are houseparents with the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes in Jacksonville, FL. We live in a group-home foster-care setting. It’s my family(My wife, myself, and our two children), living along with, as of this post, five young ladies whom are all in foster care for one reason or another. To us, this is not a job, it is a lifestyle, it is our ministry. We are here to share and display by example the love of Christ. And, from reading this book, I see on a daily basis how people define themselves by everything BUT Christ. Even in myself sometimes. Now, most of the girls that live with this haven’t experience the sweetness of our Savior’s salvation in their lives, reading “Who Do You Think You Are” gives me a more specific set of things to look for and things to pray for for each of my girls. I love them as if they were each my own daughter, and I want nothing but the best for them.

As my girls come to Christ, Lord Willing, I plan on giving them a copy of this wonderful book, as well as helping lead them through it. Being there to help them understand anything they don’t; answer any questions they may have; pray with them when they are in need; and let borrow my shoulder to cry on.

As for myself, this book has truly opened my eyes to who I am: A child of God, a son of the Most High. I praise Him for this. I praise Him for my identity. I wish I had this book 16 years ago when I was a new Christian in highschool. Or even 5 years ago, as a newlywed. Or four years ago, as a new father. But, nonetheless, I am thankful to God for bringing this book into my life, as well as the chance to help promote it as a part of the Who Do You Think You Are Street Team. Praise and Glory to God!

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