Words of Grace – A Review

Word of Grace A 100-Day Devotional, by Scott Patty, B&H Books, 2018.

Let me start off with this little disclaimer: I am not a pastor. I do fill pulpit supply for the local association, however, I do not do the work full-time. With that being said, I have a strong love for ministry, working with others, my family, and books. So, when the opportunity came to get a copy of Word of Grace, I jumped at it. Not only have I been needing a devotional to read, it looks nice (I promise, I’m not that vain about my books!).

The Book Itself…

The book is hardcover with a nice dust cover that will look good on any shelf, however, that’s not even close to the best part regarding this devotional, and we will get to that shortly. It’s sturdy, well made, and the pages take marking up well, both with pencil and pen. It’s a great book, one that I would like to read through a few times, mark-up, and then possibly pass on to someone.

The Devotions Within…

The devotions that this book is composed of are amazing! There are so many devotional books out there, more than I can count, more than I can even think of. However, this one is somewhat unique in that it is targeted at Pastors. Off to top of my head, I cannot think of any other devotional that is intentionally targeted towards those who are often the most spiritually neglected by the church: Pastors. Too many people feel that they have it all together because they are pastors, however, pastors are people too (see my review of that book HERE.)

The devotions are well written, saturated with the gospel, and very encouraging. My favorite entry (to-date) is found on pages 68 and 69, regarding Mark 12:28-34, entitled, “The Dynamic of the Gospel in the Heart”. It opens with these lines, “Discipleship is not dry duty, but the result of a spiritual dynamic at work in the heart of a person made new in Christ. This is seen clearly in the activity of love.” (p.69). While Scott Patty goes through and does give a concise reasoning of the importance of love in what we do as Christians, he more importantly explains that we can only do this if we, “first have the dynamic of the gospel at work in our hearts.” (p.69). Many devotionals make a person warm and fuzzy inside. Words of Grace goes to the heart of the matter, the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ and states if that is not working in your heart, if the “dynamic of the gospel” is not there, then there won’t be any love, godly love, there.

In Conclusion…

This is a great devotional that I am really enjoying. A lot. The fact that Scott Patty writes this towards the pastor is huge. Amongst many failings from the pulpit there is generally one common denominator: The pastor not being cared for. Sure, sometimes it’s the pastor not taking care of himself, however, often times this is precipitated by the local congregations thinking that the pastor is the one person who doesn’t need help, that person and family that has it all together with all the answers. They are not. They are more like the rest of us than many realize. This devotional, Words of Grace, is a wonderful expression of love and caring that can be shown to your pastor.


Disclaimer: This book was sent to me for a review by BHbloggers.com (B&H Publishing and LifeWay). 

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